Educational Session Presenters – Fall 2017

(In Alphabetical Order By Last Name)



Nancy Depcik – “5 Unbelievably Amazing Can’t Live Without Tips for Storytelling”


Nancy Depcik is the District 30 International Speech Champion for 2016.  She competed against 30,000 contestants from over 142 countries and finished in the top 100.  In her presentation titled: 5 Unbelievably Amazing Can’t Live Without Tips for Storytelling, she will share specific techniques that helped her earn that title. Nancy is a professional speaker and coach.  She has delivered keynote speeches to Fortune 500 companies, universities, and at numerous conferences.  Published in several magazines and featured on several radio shows, Nancy brings to you her secrets to Unshakable Success®.


Randine Holloway – “Setting the Right Goals: The Path to Personal Success.”


Randine Holloway, MBA is a Customer Account Manager, aspiring professional speaker and author. She’s currently working on her first book which is part of the inspiration for this presentation. She wants to help others achieve their goals while also motivating herself to do the same. She will help you identify what you are interested in and what you do well to make the RIGHT goals.


Jim Mecir & Ellen Schnur – “Get In the Game – Real Communication For Leaders”


Description:  What would it look like to really ignite your team and enlist them to be their best?   As leaders in Toastmasters as well as in the workplace, we need to truly RELATE with our team, paying less attention to our own assumptions and judgements and more to your team members.   In this FUN and interactive workshop you will work out your communication and leadership muscles, trying on new ways of relating.  Jim Mecir is a former Major League Baseball Pitcher and New York Hall of Famer and Ellen Schnur is a professional speaker and 2013/14 Chicagoland Toastmaster of the Year.


Lynn O’Dowd – “Unleash Your Inner Superstar”

This session will leave you super-charged and ready to step out of your comfort zone, and risk new levels of passion, performance and courage! A transformational program that combines heart-opening music, entertaining storytelling, an awe-inspiring message and an unforgettable final to support you in breaking free from being super stuck to becoming super successful in business and life! Armed with her GoGaga Formula™, the transformational process she developed to help her overcome fear and achieve extraordinary success, Lynn redefied middle age and leaped from being a successful corporate time management consultant to being a Rock ‘n’ Roll singer, and inspirational keynote speaker!  Bust through your fears, and accomplish your BIGGEST goals and dreams, and discover it’s never too late to realize your full potential for greater success and happiness.


Allie Pleiter  – “Smart Ways to tell Highly Personal Stories”


Highly personal material can make a speech compelling and memorable. It also has potential pitfalls and dangers if not handled correctly. Bestselling author, coach, and speaker Allie Pleiter guides you through choosing which material to use and how to best use it. Pleiter is the author of over 30 published titles in fiction and non-fiction with over 1.3 million books sold globally. As the creator of the popular Chunky Method of time management for writers, Allie helps creative people get productive and productive people get creative.


Bill Russell – When They Go Low, We Go “Hi!”:  The Art of Attracting and Retaining  Members”


Over the last twenty-two years, Bill Russell (DTM) has revitalized Toastmasters clubs in America, Africa and Europe.  A sales leader all his life, Bill understands what it takes to win a client and close a deal.  If your club struggles with attendance and membership, there are simple strategies for growing these numbers, increasing enthusiasm and delivering “value for money” for everyone who comes through your door. Warning: If you’re looking for an easy fix that doesn’t take any work, this session is NOT for you.  Bill is the current District 30 Club Extension Chair and the President of Lightly Toasted Toastmasters in Chicago.  He practices what he preaches.  Adding 16 new members since the 4th of July, Lightly Toasted’s membership now ranks as one of the top ten in District 30.


Mark Steel – “Become A More Confident Presenter Today!”


Do you feel confident giving presentations?  Or does the thought of giving a presentation fill you with dread?  If so, you’re far from alone.  No more!  You have the skills to be a more confident presenter.  Come learn the easy-to-follow tips that will help you feel more confident every time you present. Mark is a speaker, coach, and entrepreneur.  After nearly 14 years, Mark recently left his successful sales career to start his own business. His focus is inspiring others to always present their best selves.  Mark lives in the western burbs with his wife and two kids.  In his spare time, he enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and theatre.


Anna  Wildermuth – “The Art of Win/Win Communications”


Anna’s presentation will assist in learning your communication style strength,  learning to adapt to different communication styles and learning to read communication style.  Anna  is the founder of Personal Images Inc., an internationally recognized speaker, and executive coach. She is credentialed as both a Certified Image Master by the Association of Image Consultants International and as an Associate Certified Coach of the International Federation of Coaches.   She has extensive experience in applying both the Platinum Rule Assessment and Stakeholder Center Coaching. She is a member of the Association of Talent Development.  Anna is a founding member of her local Toastmasters chapter (ATB) and a proud graduate of Chicago’s Second City Players Improv Workshop .