Member of the Month

In District 30, there are many members who we feel should be recognized for their passion, dedication and commitment to both Toastmasters International and the educational program. To honor and appreciate them, we have created this page to  acknowledge them.

Every month, we will highlight one dynamic member who has added value to the fabric of District 30 through participation, promotion and/ or positive spirit.


September 2017 – Michelle Kim CC


Calvin Gibbs: Welcome Michelle and congratulations on being selected as our September 2017 “Member of the Month” for District 30. 

Michelle Kim: Thank you for having me.


CG: When did you join Toastmasters and what officer role do you hold?

MK: I joined about two years ago and I am the VP-PR of Town Criers club. It’s my first time being a club officer!


CG: What is your Toastmasters educational level?

MK: I have completed my Competent Communicator (CC) and am working on my Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB). I am also working through the Competent Leader (CL) manual.


CG: Which advanced manual are you working on?

MK: The “Entertaining Speeches” manual.


CG: Is there a particular project that you have found interesting?

MK: I like the entire theme of the manual. I think that it is important for a speaker to know how to entertain as well as speak.


CG: What goals have you set for yourself this Toastmaster year?

MK: I joined Toastmasters to increase my confidence and better my job opportunities. However, after I joined and competed in the International Speech contest, I started to have a dream of becoming a professional speaker and make that my career. So, I joined Windy City Professionals Toastmasters club to get closer to my professional goal and fulfill my dream.


CG: How do you prepare to give a speech including the topic selection process?

MK: I get ideas from the TLIs, Conferences and from being around great speakers. I get ideas from them which I jot down and refer to when I’m trying to come up with an idea for my speeches.


CG: Since becoming a Toastmaster, what is the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

MK: The biggest challenge has been to fight my insecurities, doubt, and fears. When you’re in front of a crowd, you’re there for them and to serve them by conveying a message. Sometimes, your own personal idiosyncrasies and damaging thoughts come into play. Being able to replace them with positive thoughts about myself and my goals have been a journey for me.


CG: Just remember the acronym for FEAR is: False Evidence Appearing Real.

MK: Yes that’s right. I love that! I have heard that before and it is a good reminder to help fight the fear and nervousness!


CG: One last question…what is the most important thing to you as a Toastmasters?

MK: That’s a real interesting and important question. For me, it’s being able to influence others to be better speakers, better mother or fathers, better human beings and better leaders. Toastmasters has played a huge role in developing my character and developing self confidence. It has played a important role me for me to become a better version of myself.


CG: Thank you for the interview, Michelle.

MK: You are very welcome and thank you for this opportunity.



Calvin Gibbs DTM is District 30’s Public Relations Manager for 2017-2018. He joined Toastmasters in April 2013 and has served in various Club and District Officer roles. He is a member of Beyond the C’s. You can reach Calvin at at 



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