Winter TLI 2017



District 30 is excited to announce the details of our upcoming Winter TLI (or Toastmasters Leadership Institute)!  The theme, “Pathways To Perfection” is in direct correlation with the release of  the new “Pathways” program (starting February 2018) AND our everlasting desire to improve our communication and leadership skills, Club Officers in particular! REGISTER TODAY at and come solve the mystery of “Pathways” and chart your course towards perfection!



The District 30 Winter TLI will be held on Saturday, December 2nd starting at 8:30am and ending at 3:30pm. Registration opens at 7:00am.



The TLI will be held at the Ecolab Headquarters in Naperville located at 1601 W Diehl Rd in Naperville, IL



Pres Vasilev is best known as the 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking. He is the President of Pres Says, Inc., a company specializing in training business leaders and sales teams to achieve instant influence and sales success. Pres has helped hundreds of people from around the world deliver compelling presentations and win speech contests.

Pres Vasilev speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subject of Successful Selling with Storytelling™. Pres combines his insights from the sales trenches with his storytelling expertise to equip his global audiences with practical strategies for instant influence and sales success.

District 30 is proud to have our very own “son” come back to his home District and share his insights and advice on enhancing evaluations, storytelling and much more!



Dan Mendelevitz DTM  – “Succession Planning”

Organizations today struggle with succession planning. In this interactive session, we will discuss how we, as Toastmasters, can do better. Dan has been speaking on leadership and succession planning for several years. He has served in several Club and District leadership positions. Dan has seen successes and failures in succession planning and enjoys working with other Toastmasters to better the process.


Iqbal Atcha DTM, DD, Tiffany Howard DTM, PQD and Stella Lorens DTM, CGD – “Discover Your Leadership Path”

Leadership is a calling and THIS session is for those who are ready to answer! The District Trio is pulling back the covers and giving you a no-holds-barred opportunity to learn all about the various leadership positions at the District level. Learn the intricate details about each role, the responsibilities and the skills you will gain from each that translate positively into the professional world and companies actively seek.

Hear from these venerable leaders about the challenges they faced, the solutions they implemented and the rewards they received at each level and position. Leadership isn’t for everyone but for those who go after it, this is the session to prepare well. Get answers. Learn about District leadership. Find the right path for YOU!




Club Officer / Member/ Guest Registration = FREE

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District 30 is pleased to offer a continental breakfast AND FREE lunch for ALL registered Club Officers. Non Club Officers (e.g. Members and Guests) are welcome to purchase their lunch.

Continental Breakfast = FREE

Lunch (for Registered Club Officers) = FREE

Lunch (for Non-Club Officer Members and Guests) = $5



Our 1-day Winter TLI is chock-full of training, educational sessions and a Town Hall Meeting! CLICK HERE to download the full schedule!



Be a friendly face and officially offer a helping hand during the Winter TLI. We’re looking for volunteers to help out at this and other upcoming events. If interested, visit to sign-up!




Register at and take part in District 30’s “Pathways to Perfection” Winter TLI!