Winter TLI 2017


I know we have all heard the term TLI but do we all know what it stands for?  In Toastmasters we as members use several acronyms and TLI is just another one that we use.  TLI stands for Toastmasters Leadership Institute.   The District 30 Winter TLI is scheduled for December 2, 2017 at the Nalco Corporate Location 1601 W. Diehl Rd in Naperville.  The Winter TLI will be held from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm with registration opening at 7am,  and will consist of a four and a half hour period of time that will be required for officers to attend to obtain training credit.  There will also be sessions from our Keynote Presenter the 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking Pres Vasilev where he will be sharing insights on Storytelling and how it plays into the path to becoming a World Champion. Lunch is being provided to Club Officers who register to attend training as the District’s way of appreciating those officers who take the time to come out and be trained.


The biggest question I hear from club officers is “Why do I have to go to training a second time each year?”   Some club officers complain because, to receive credit toward one of the goals in the Distinguished Club Program, at least four club officers must attend a district-sponsored training program twice a year. Sometimes the officers of clubs electing annually don’t believe attending a second training is necessary, but contrary to some member’s belief attending training a second time has several benefits. Clubs often experience mid-term turnover of officers, so the second training gives replacement officers an opportunity to learn their roles. But training has benefits for continuing officers as well:

  • Club officers have an opportunity to discuss any problems they may be having.
  • District officers have the opportunity to follow up with performance challenges.
  • Club officers have the opportunity to meet with officers of other clubs and share best practices for improving their own clubs.


Attending regular club officer trainings is imperative to building and retaining a healthy, and successful club and contributes to the a club doing well in the DCP (Distinguished Club Program) because they are focused on the right things: helping members improve their speaking and leadership skills, and building membership. It is important for our club members to understand and follow the Distinguished Club Program and to understand that Club Officer training is the first step being a distinguished club, and to remember that when our clubs do well in the DCP the district benefits as well, we all succeed from each other’s successes.


Why attend this years Winter TLI?  With the quick roll out of the new education program Pathways our TLI theme is Pathways to Perfection and we will be offering a training session just to the Pathways program and what you as officers can expect from the new program that is coming.


Was your club one of the 25 that received the Super 7 award during the first round club officer training that was help this past summer?  Is your club looking to achieve that super seven award again?  Attending the Winter TLI is a great way to positon your club to receive that coveted award once again and be among the top clubs in the district.  What is the Super 7 award? When all 7 of your club officers attend training and receive credit within the allotted time of a round of officer training then the club will receive a Super 7 ribbon to portray proudly upon your district banner, and your club is also recognized at the next District Conference.  The Super 7 is an award that allows of bragging rights among your members and helps to ensure your club receives one of the Distinguished Club Goals needing to be achieved for the year.


Please take the time to register for the Winter TLI today through the following link  https://d30wintertli2017.eventbrite.com  Let’s make an effort to beat this past Summer’s training numbers of 80% of our clubs with 4+ officer’s trained, I know we all can do it and we will be all the more stronger for accomplishing this goal.  I look forward to seeing all of your smiling officer faces on December 2nd and being able to network and learn further with all of you.

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