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Hello Pathways Ambassadors,

I want to thank you for your service so far.  Some of you have decided to discontinue your service due to other commitments.  I understand and appreciate what you have done for the program to date.  For those of you who are continuing your service, I appreciate what you have done to date and will do in the future.

I attended a webinar at the end of October on the revitalized education program (now currently called Pathways).  I recently received the attached information from TI.  I think you will find that this is the most valuable information TI has released so far.  chief-ambassador-october-2016-webinar3087

Within the next 2 weeks TI will begin Alpha testing of the program.  In January 2017, the Beta testing will start.

TI is adding a new role to the rollout – Pathways Guide.  As explained on the webinar, the Pathways Ambassadors were to visit clubs to create “the buzz” for the new program. october-2016-webinar-to-present-to-ambassadors3099

The Pathways Guides will be visiting the clubs to actually explain the mechanics and train members on how to use the new program.  They will be doing club visit report forms which they will submit to TI.  They will hold “office hours” on a weekly basis to answer any member questions.  The Guides will be appointed by the Program Quality Director in office at the time of the rollout approximately 3 1/2 months before the rollout in our District and will be responsible for 10 clubs.   The Guides will serve for a minimum of 6 months and work extensively with the club VPEs. We are in Region 5 and since we are  #8 on the rollout, our Guides won’t be appointed for awhile. pathways-guide-job-description3086

If you are interested in being a Pathways Guide, then I suggest you wait until about 4 months before our scheduled District rollout (date to be determined) and contact the PQD in office at the time.  (It won’t do any good to contact our current PQD.  Whoever is in office at the time of our rollout will be making the appointments for the Guides, so that person has not been elected yet.)  Plus, the PQDs will change due to the upcoming District split. pathways-guide-selection-criteria3097

The program pilot is scheduled for February – April 2017 for Districts 57, 27, and 51.  The pilot is expected to be completed by April 2017.  region-rollout-order3098

We haven’t been given a date for our rollout, but my best guess based on the rollout order is that we will probably have our rollout around April 2018 (but probably later).  TI said no Region will be rolling into Pathways at dues time or at year end, since those are the busiest times for TI.

As usual, I have shared ALL the information I have received from TI, even the Chief Ambassador presentation.  The email address for questions to TI is still

Happy Toastmastering!

Joan K. Moore, DTM, PDG

Pathways Chief Ambassador

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