Educational Session Presenters – Spring 2018

(In Alphabetical Order By Last Name)



Barbara Beckley DTM – “You Cannot Manage Time! Let’s Talk About Self-Management.”


Over the last 7 years, Barbara has been a Toastmasters Member and continues to serve in both leadership and communication roles to assist others in accomplishing their own goals. This session will help you figure out where is your time going. Sharing tips and guidelines in assisting with self-management and understanding how to set your boundaries to accomplish your goals, projects etc.



Azella Collins CC – “Stop in the Name of Democracy!”


Azella C. Collins, MSN, RN is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian and Competent Communicator.  During her workshop, tips will be shared on how to keep a meeting moving, avoid chaos, and end lengthy debates. By the end of the workshop, each participant will be able to verbalize the importance of having and following the agenda as well as how to properly handle debate.



Cesar Lostaunau CC, ALS  – “Creating the Best Club Climate”


Discover what it takes to set the right atmosphere for your club’s success from past Area Director Cesar Lostaunau.  Learn effective tips to win new members and further engage your current members.  Join this interactive session  and learn how to “glitter like gold” while creating the best club climate.



Stan Piskorski CTM – “Adapting Evaluations to Pathways.”


This presentation is designed to help Toastmasters discover the strengths and weaknesses the Pathways evaluation process, how to leverage its strengths and how to augment its weaknesses.

Stan Piskorski has been a member of Toastmasters since 1984 and a learning and development professional since 1985. Early in his Toastmasters tenure, he became fascinated by the evaluation process.  He is the only person to have won three District 30 evaluations contests and delivered numerous workshops on the topic.  At least a half dozen District Evaluation contest winners attribute at least some of their success to the approach Stan has provided through his workshops. He is a founding member of Windy City Professional Speakers and designed the evaluation form and the tough but supportive evaluations process for which the club has become well known. As a Pathways Guide, Stan got an early look at evaluation resources that are part of the Pathways program.



Theresa Puskar ACG, ALB – Mining the GOLD Within! Top Tips of the Trade From A Professional Actress.


Join professional actress and audio book producer, Theresa Puskar as she shares anecdotes, insights and practical exercises that will assist you in getting more comfortable with expressing your creativity on stage. In this session, you will learn how to integrate animation, characterization and vocal variance into your speeches, so that you can fully engage and “edu-tain” your audiences. Allowing the “glitter” of your imagination to take the lead while on stage will provide you with the confidence and charisma to shine as a speaker. It will also make your presentation much more engaging for your audience, and a great deal more fun for you!



Joe Raab – Start Me Up with MORE: The Key Steps to Be, Do, and Get MORE Out of Your Life!


Tired of not living the life you know you want? In “Start Me Up with MORE” you will discover the key steps to help you experience more power, passion and purpose in all areas of your life; so you can be more, do more, & get more! Joe Raab, Speaker & Coach, is the founder of & the Creator of successful programs including MORE happiness, up 4 MORE, & Be MORE You!  Joe works with passionate people with big, bold ideas who want to reinvent their lives.  Through a process of exploration & planning, Joe leads his clients from stuck adults to revolutionary results.



Sue Rosenfeld ACB, ALB – “Masterful Introductions.”


Introductions.  We write them. We give them. We see them. We hear them. But how do we master them? Find out as we explore the art and science behind powerful introductions. Led by veteran listener and speaker Sue Rosenfeld, this engaging and practical session will look at key elements in crafting a strong speech introduction as well as distinctives of stellar speaker introductions.



Liz Sachnoff ACS, ALB – Exploring Your Pathways Journey.”


Whether you have started on your Pathways journey or just inquiring about what Pathways has to offer, this session will provide each Toastmaster with the opportunity to view and ask questions about the exciting new educational program. This session will allow Toastmasters to view Pathways levels and projects. Attendees will guide the discussion with one of District 30’s Pathways Ambassador and Guide, Liz Sachnoff ACS, ALB.



Diane Strzelecki CC, CL – “Making Facebook Work For Your Club.”


Are you making the most of your club’s Facebook page? Do you have a Facebook page? You should! Diane will share some best practices about using Facebook to get the word out about your club. From using images correctly to posting engaging content to working around those tricky algorithms, you’ll come away with ways to improve your Facebook presence that don’t take a lot of time or money.

Diane is a communications professional with more than 20 years of experience helping businesses, contractors and nonprofits tell their story. She currently serves as Marketing/PR Coordinator at the Algonquin Area Public Library District, where her responsibilities include managing the library’s social media, web site content, and e-newsletters.