Leader of the Month

District 30 is fortunate to work with a dedicated group of leaders who genuinely want to make a positive difference in the lives of their members. Although great leaders value results, it is also important to value those Area Directors and Division Directors that make those results possible.

Every month, we will highlight one amazing District leader who adds value to the fabric of District 30 through their leadership and service.


August 2017 – Noel Ganay DTM

Calvin Gibbs: Welcome Noel Ganay and congratulations on being selected as our August Leader of the Month.

Noel Ganay: Thank you so much. This is a huge surprise!


Q: How long have you been in Toastmasters and what clubs do you belong to?

A: I joined in April 2015 and I am a member of Nalco Toastmasters club in Naperville (D30) and Talk of the Town in Batavia (D54).


Q: What is your education level?

A: Noel: On July 19, 2017 I earned my DTM!


Q: That is fantastic and congratulations. I see that you took the aggressive approach.

A: I wouldn’t say aggressive; I’d say that when the TM world outside of my club opened up to me, I began to figure out how I could work to become better . Along the way, I was able to help people out as well. That work helped me achieve my educational goals. I didn’t really realize I was on track to getting my DTM pretty quickly.


Q: Would you say you took advantage of opportunities?

A: Yes, whenever there was a speaking opportunity with my work and my club, I took that opportunity. It helped me work on my levels of communication faster. When I was club VP-E, I told the members that if you use Toastmasters for your work, then why not use your work for Toastmasters. All you need to do is tie it to a manual project and make sure there is a Toastmaster to evaluate you.


Q: What is your favorite quote or saying?

A: “Seize the Day!” That is true especially, when it comes to the many opportunities that are around us. We often don’t see them and don’t realize they are there. When you do see them, take them and make yourself better.


Q: Share a situation where you served as a leader at a Toastmasters event. 

A: One of my favorite things was trying to figure out how to help the district. Last year, I served as PRM in D54 and I had a long conversation with (then PQD) Angie Mullins. We both wished there were a way to help all of our clubs by sharing ideas and resources be it by social media, email blasts, etc. I had heard about something that D30’s (then PQD) Iqbal Atcha was doing that seemed like a really good idea. He was hosting monthly calls with the VP-PR’s so I shared the idea of having monthly PR calls. It was a great success and really helped the members.


Q: As the President of two Toastmasters clubs and a Division Director you have to know how to motivate people; what steps do you take to motivate people?

A: First, it makes a difference when you lead by example. Second, as a member I was a doer. As a VPE, I learned that I was an influencer as I influenced a lot of people and it was very similar to what an Area Director does. But as West Division Director, I am learning to manage the people on my team. I am learning to inspire them, motivate them and lead by example. If you show that you have the initiative to work, then you will inspire them. By achieving my DTM, I feel that I have inspired my Area Directors to also reach their goal of becoming a DTM.


Q: What is the most difficult part of leadership?

A: I would say learning to trust. When you become a director on the division level it requires a high level of trust in your area directors. I mean look, they have the skill set, the have the knowledge, they have the ability but you have to delegate. Being the person in charge of delegation is a challenge. You have to give them the resources to succeed and then trust them to get the job done.


Q: What is your ultimate goal as a leader for this Toastmasters year?

A: Wow! That’s a great question! I want to make sure that the West Division exceeds all expectations and that we do the best that we can to become Distinguished Areas and a Distinguished Division. I want to provide the support that the team needs so that our results at the end of the year is greater than the vision was for this year.


Q: Well on that one, you can drop the mic! Thank you for your time Noel and good luck this year.

A. Thank you Calvin.


Calvin Gibbs DTM is District 30’s Public Relations Manager for 2017-2018. He joined Toastmasters in April 2013 and has served in various Club and District Officer roles. He is a member of Beyond the C’s. You can reach Calvin at at born2speak2you@mail.com 




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