PQD/VPE Monthly Calls

The Program Quality Director (PQD) will conduct monthly conference calls for all  Vice Presidents Education (VPE). These calls will discuss specific topics to help VPEs assist their members in achieving their educational goals and provide them with a quality experience. These calls will also identify and explore specific areas of growth and development for VPEs as well. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share best practices.   

PQD/ VPE calls will be held on the first Monday of the month starting at 7:00pm EXCEPT for a couple of exceptions, please see schedule below for reference. Participants may join these calls by dialing in to the following conference line:

Conference Call # 712-775-7031
Meeting ID- 147-730-866


Date Time Title/ Topic Link to Recording
7/24/17 7:00 PM How to Plan A Successful Club Contest  https://fccdl.in/vbV3DMI2L
8/7/17 7:00 PM Club Success Plan and Your Role  https://fccdl.in/iMP1R826S
9/11/17 7:00 PM The Value in Moments of Truth and Determining your Club’s Why  https://fccdl.in/sMxNck12U
10/2/17 7:00 PM Mentor Program Within Your Club & Engaging New Members https://fccdl.in/2MrnoiTNL
11/6/17 7:00 PM How to bring the FUN Back Into Your Meetings  https://fccdl.in/gavG7iVrK
1/8/18 7:00 PM Halfway to DCP https://fccdl.in/9wjECMcTq
7:00 PM Tips for Retaining Your Members  https://fccdl.in/l0SaIb6um
3/5/18 7:00 PM Filling Up Your Agenda – Managing the Meeting Agenda https://fccdl.in/st66cSSWhu
4/2/18 7:00 PM Giving Quality Evaluations
(The Benefit of Educational Sessions For Your Club)
5/7/18 7:00 PM Planning for Your Successor/End of the Year Wrap Up  https://fccdl.in/Os9T7xiHPd