The Pathways Program

To become a Pathways Ambassador or Guide, please contact Tiffany Howard (Program Quality Director) or Valerie Fuson (Pathways Chief Ambassador)


Continue your journey of personal and professional development through Pathways, Toastmasters’ new education program!  As the foundation of your Toastmasters experience, Pathways is designed to help you build the competencies you need to communicate and lead.

To make the most of Pathways, start by taking the Pathways Assessment online. It will help you choose a path that’s right for you. Next, explore Base Camp, where you’ll be able to access all of the materials for your learning experience, including your feedback, transcript and printable materials. Here you can track your progress, connect with members from your club and view badges and certificates you’ll earn along the way. Enjoy the flexibility of working online or in select print paths on dynamic projects that provide real-world, transferable skills.

To find out more about the Pathways program look through the resources online, visit:


Pathways Guide

As an integral member of the Pathways launch team, the Pathways Guide works closely with the Program Quality Director (PQD) and Chief Ambassador (CA), while partnering with an Ambassador to prepare clubs for the arrival of Pathways in your district. You are the first point of contact to help with onboarding and Pathways training.

The Pathways Guide will:

  • Conduct club visits to raise awareness and build excitement
  • Educate club members about the program
  • Support Vice-Presidents Education (VPEs) by scheduling regular virtual support sessions and submitting their questions to World Headquarters staff
  • Serve for 6 months

To find out more about the Pathways program look through the resources online: