Your 2016 – 2017 District 30 Quintet

  • Ivory Gwin
    Ivory Gwin District Director
  • Iqbal Atcha
    Iqbal Atcha Program Quality Director
  • Cassandra Lee
    Cassandra Lee Program Quality Director
  • Tiffany Howard
    Tiffany Howard Club Growth Director
  • Bill Morrill
    Bill Morrill Club Growth Director


I am honored to start the 2016-2017 Toastmasters year as your District Director. This year, as one Team, with one concerted vision, we will target one collective goal –“…to empower every member to become more effective communicators and leaders.” As we begin our year on July 1st, you will hear more about the specific events the District has planned. Watch for information about your Area and Division Directors and the District 30 calendar for empowering every member to fulfill the mission. Happy New Toastmasters Year, Happy New You!

Hello Friends and Fellow Toastmasters. It is my honor and privilege to serve you as the 2016 – 2017 Program Quality Director (PQD). As your District 30 leader responsible for all aspects of education and training, it is my mission to support every club in achieving excellence in three specific ways: focusing on quality programming efforts, promoting the proper use of the Distinguished Club Program and designing / delivering District Conferences. I welcome your thoughts, your ideas and your partnership as work together to achieve our District goals.

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters! Many of you know me as the “D.I.V.A. of Dialog™” because you’ve attended workshops or training sessions I’ve conducted over the years at District 30 TLI’s and conferences. For the 2016-2017 club year, I serve as the District 30 (and new forming District 103) Program Quality Director (PQD). I am excited about serving you and the district by supporting quality club programming efforts; planning, organizing, and executing the district conferences; promoting and supporting club quality and member retention; and promoting all members in achieving education awards and recognizing achievements. I look forward to what we are able to accomplish this year as “One Team, One Vision, One Goal, Every Member.”

Greetings Fellow District 30 Toastmasters! Throughout the years I have had the chance to get to know and work with many of you while serving within several different roles in the district or through the many different workshops and training sessions I’ve conducted or the contests I have organized. For the 2016-2017 Toastmaster year, I Tiffany Howard am serving as one of the District 30 Club Growth Directors (CGD). I am excited about serving you and the district by focusing my efforts on supporting membership retention, new club development, membership growth and overall marketing for the district. I have many unique ideas planned for the year and I look forward to what we are going to be able to accomplish as “One Team, One Vision, One Goal, Every Member.”